Heed Enigma 5 speakers

I am wondering... Has anyone who frequents the Audiogon forum ever had any experience with Heed Enigma 5 speakers (or any Heed Enigma speakers, for that matter), and, if so, what are your impression or thoughts?
The idea sounds interesting, but I have not heard them and they are not easy to hear, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I'm also interested in these speakers. Has anyone compared them with the Vandersteen 1C? I have ordered the Heed Obelisk Si int. amp. It's on its way.
So, the amp (Obelisk SI) arrived a few months ago and it played very good with the Steens. I have tried many amps with these speakers but the Obelisk sounded the best of all of them.
Then I've asked myself how would Heed play with Heed and so I've ordered the Enigma 5 and yes, they sound MUCH better than the VDS 1C.

The first 10-15 hours of running-in were terrible. Definitely not interesting at all so I've started to worry but after 20 hours they timidly started to show their potential. There were more details coming out and even then they had them more than the Vandersteens.
But the sound was still so so: good but not yet involving and the soundstage was wide but very low which was really a little bit frustrating and this is how they performed until their 70-80 hours of running-in. After 100 hours the just started to shine.
Now they have about 130 hours and I guess they are not yet burned-in 100% but this is the sound I've searched for. They are detailed but not fatiguing and one can listen to them the whole day. The soundstage is now higher and deeper and everything is just as it should be.

The Enigmas are a very pleasant natural sounding speakers and they sound great with ANY type of music. A bad recordings are a bad recordings but with them they sound decent and a good recordings make you forget about the speakers, they just vanish and you start to immerge into music.
They are not very demanding speakers and are easy to place in the room. The only thing is that they have to be at least 0,5m from the back wall. The sound can improve by not having hard surfaces around them.
All in all my recommendation to those who are interested in buying them but have no opportunity to listen to them in their own system.
Brothers Husti & Co. from Heed audio you did a great job!