Energy Pro-22 Monitors

I was wondering if anybody owns these speakers or has heard them. I think they are from around 1988. I found a pair for sale but trying to see if the drive is worth it (couple of hours). Thanks in advance for any replies!
How much are they asking ?
They are asking 200 with stands.
I auditioned those back in the early 90's and they are a very decent sounding speaker. Good solid soundstage, full bodied sound, if they are in decent shape you could do a lot worse for the money
My father owns a pair and they sound great, good bass, great soundstage. Be careful to pair them with smooth electronics because the highs can be too present. Beware also that the tweeters can not be replaced if they fail. The speakers and drivers were manufactured by API Int. in Ontario, Canada. The Pro-22 were matched within one eight of a dB between them hence the great image they project.
I heard the Pro-22 when they were new also and thought them worthy of purchase at $900/pair. The store that sold them paired them with NAD Monitor series gear and they sounded pretty good. Well worth $200 if they're in good condition.
thanks for all the feedback!
I have a pair of the Reference 22's. (very similar) Energy will rebuild a tweeter for $75.00. Great sounding speakers for the money. Recommend.