End of Hi-fi?

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Are we responsible for shortage of peaceful, non-competitive space-exploration sucess?
I don't know about NASA, but in the Aerospace Defense business at least fifteen years ago we quit using Mag Tape for anything but evaluation/troubleshooting data collection, for subsequent readin to an offline computer for analysis. And that was digital data using a different type of tape from audio recording. Now and for the last 10 years or more, even that useage has been replaced by plug-in transportable hard disc storage devices. Program had long ago migrated to hard disc, and more recently, optical discs, and solid state memory is about to take over.

So I don't think that audiophiles can be blaimed for deficiencies in the space program.
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No. I think Joe Six-pack has done more harm to NASA and progress in general that can even be attributed to audiophiles.
Is Joe Six-pack an alias for GWB?
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They blame audiophiles for that, but they do not blame the environmentalists for the deaths of the space shuttle crew! If they had not compromised the quality of the gaskets on the shuttle by making them more environmentally friendly, it would not have exploded.

Audiophiles just can't get a break!
Just think of what that money could have been used for here on earth instead of throwing it to outerspace.
Speedball: I think that was one of the orginal ideas of the space program. The cutting-edge developments and technologies performed for the space program were supposed trickle down (as it were) to the civilian or private sector. The trouble is, we don't publicly see trickle down technology any more, at least not any that is publicized. and given all of the tax dollars and other funding, I think that's only fair. If anything, it's NASAs fault for not pushing the envelope and inventing something better than analog tape! NASA has dropped the ball IMO.

Ncarv: no. The Joes are the people who elected him. But GWB would also be one too. :-) To poorly quote (I believe Nanderson): Would you trust a society that still uses time travel for its trash disposal?