Emotiva CMX-2 Blown LED

I have two CMX-2 line filters. One of them shows only the first LED glowing. I checked the line and it's fine. I also plugged in the other CMX-2, and the first two LEDs are glowing which confirms that the line is correct, and that the first CMX-2 has a blown LED.  I presume that the unit is still safe to use with the bad LED. Or, might it be indicative of a bigger problem with it? I've written to Emotiva and am waiting for a response. 

I know we're all going through a lot right now with everything that's happening in the world, and this is really a minor thing in comparison. But, music really helps me through all of this craziness. Your thoughts on this would be appreciatedThanks, and stay safe and healthy.
Same issue here.   I can get the right light to work sometimes after repeated plug unplug.   My reset switch does not work either but it powers up and works fine.   Not sure I want to pull the cover if it is still working.   Wish I had an answer but it looks like others have had the same issue.   Good luck.

Same problem here.  Two of three CMXs have bad LED diodes.  Have owned them about 2 years.  Emotiva is very much aware the LED problem and are doing their best to ignore it.  Support acknowledged the problem, stating that since the CMX's are 'operating normally otherwise' it is most likely an 'indicator light' problem, but that 'we (Emotiva) do not service these to repair the indicator lights'.

Just posted a review that details my experience on the Emotiva website and they appear to have deleted it.

I not really surprised but I am disappointed and will be spending my money elsewhere in the future.

It looks like the LEDs just tell you that the incoming line is wired correctly. Much like the cheap plug-in circuit tester I use. The stuff it does happens after the incoming line, I think. I would not give it a second thought, it's just an annoyance really.  

@russ69 - I actually didn't notice the issue until I moved and downsized my system.  Spent few minutes confirming all was ok with the power circuit and wall outlets and documenting the issue so that I could provide Emotiva with a concise description of the issue along with photos (they always ask for photos).  I fully expected to be boxing them up and shipping them back for repair.

The LED failures have a simple root cause... use of a component that has a mean time to failure that does not even closely align with the CMX's life expectancy.  To Emotiva's credit, the LEDs lasted beyond the warranty period.  Which I am told is one year for CMX's and not the 5 year period all my other Emotiva gear had.  My bad for not confirming this before the purchase.

The lack of explicit CMX warranty detail on the Emotiva website, the failure of Emotiva support to respond when I questioned the lack of transparency with regard to the warranty duration, the complete failure to provide a 'manual' that is purported to contain the definitive warranty detail, and the censuring of my review isn't the type of customer support that I plan to reward with a future purchase.

I guess I let my unreasonably high expectations of others get in the way of my sense of bliss.