Emotiva CMX-2 Blown LED

I have two CMX-2 line filters. One of them shows only the first LED glowing. I checked the line and it's fine. I also plugged in the other CMX-2, and the first two LEDs are glowing which confirms that the line is correct, and that the first CMX-2 has a blown LED.  I presume that the unit is still safe to use with the bad LED. Or, might it be indicative of a bigger problem with it? I've written to Emotiva and am waiting for a response. 

I know we're all going through a lot right now with everything that's happening in the world, and this is really a minor thing in comparison. But, music really helps me through all of this craziness. Your thoughts on this would be appreciatedThanks, and stay safe and healthy.
Same issue here.   I can get the right light to work sometimes after repeated plug unplug.   My reset switch does not work either but it powers up and works fine.   Not sure I want to pull the cover if it is still working.   Wish I had an answer but it looks like others have had the same issue.   Good luck.