Quad 22L2 blown drivers - What are my options?

I recently acquired a pair of Quad 22L2s for dirt cheap. While testing them out at home, I discovered both tweeters spewing hiss and one of the woofers has shredded voice coil. I've been trying to find replacement drivers, but I've looked over a hundred different spec sheets and none of the aftermarket drivers I've seen look like they'll fit. They either the wrong shape, or the right shape but the wrong dimensions. I don't really want to just toss the speakers. They are so beautiful and well built. So what are my options? Is there anyone in the US that would be able to repair the drivers, or be able to acquire replacement parts? Are there other avenues I'm not considering here? 

For reference, the drivers are Quad models D-698, D-697, and D-695b.