Eminent Technology LFT 7 !!

Not a missprint!  LFT 7 was the LFT 6 with additional bass panels. The bass panels had 3 bass drivers per panel.  4 panels total.  Would like to hear them or purchase them.  
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Just saw this LFT-VI pair plus bass modules from LFT-VIII's listed on EBay for $2,500 USD earlier this week:


They went pretty fast, 2-3 days.

I personally consider the price VERY fair... when I bought mine back in the mid-1990's, I paid $1200 plus $100 shipping. In current $$$, that is almost $2,500, so one could consider the LFT-VIII bass modules a bonus. 

There was another set of those bass modules listed and sold in the last few weeks. Sorry, don't have a link for that listing.

Greg in Mississippi
Shipping on them is $800 which is also very reasonable.  Someone is going to be very happy!  
What does Maggie get for a set of ribbon tweeters ?
$900 a pair.  I believe there are 3 lengths.