Elton John Tumbleweed Connection SACD Hybrid

After extensive research, I can only find SACD hybrid multi-channel, DSD.  Is there an SACD hybrid stereo only? Thank you for insight.  Ciao
The multichannel SACDs I own also have a stereo layer; just have to make sure your player is set to that.  Is this SACD different than others?
I just looked at mine and it says it has SACD Stereo, SACD Surround Sound, and CD Audio.  I don't think I've ever listened to mine in surround mode.  I think it sounds great.

This is the hybrid SACD I'm looking at, note the DSD designation.  It is simply confusing to me whether I can load this into my Naim UnitiServe and listen to it in stereo.  Thanks of the responses.
According to Discogs there are only two versions of the SACD (which appear to be the same) and both say " SACD Stereo/SACD Surround Sound/CD Audio" in the notes.



There is only one sacd version of EJ, Madman, Tumbleweed, GBYBR and Captain Fantastic. They are all Sacd/stereo/surround and cd. They all sound very very good but not quite as good as the original vinyl.

I'm sure playback is possible with your gear.

it may default to 2ch stereo PCM though. this can be changed in the player's settings I would think.

that disk and Waiting for columbus are the two disks I've had to buy repeatedly as revised/better itterations are produced.

still waitin' for 'columbus' to get out on SACD though.

as for multi ch? its not an issue for me as I prefer the 2ch familiarity.
Yes, 2 channel is where I live.  Thanks.  Ciao