Elrod speaker cables

Elrod has a highly regarded reputation for power cables which is widely held and in my personal experience well deserved. I, myself, started with the Silver Statement pc’s and have upgraded to the Gold Statements. I now use Gold Statements on my BAT REX pre-amp (both power and control units), BAT cd player and Spectron mono amps. So yes, I am a big fan.

But, the biggest “wow” factor I have experienced is from Elrod’s speaker cables. My first experience was with the Silver Signature speaker cables. I was so impressed that I that I felt compelled to post a detailed review here on Audiogon.

In March of this year I purchased and received Elrod’s Gold Signature speaker cables and these have just blown me away. Whatever I wrote about the Silvers goes at least double with the Gold speaker cables. I am, frankly, too lazy to write a full review but let me briefly make a couple of observations about the Gold Signatures. One, the three dimensional sound staging is amazing with incredible depth. Two, the spaciousness is cosmic with no loss of detail or clarity. In fact, just the opposite with increased presence. Finally, in my review of the Silver Signatures I used the example of “ taking the kink out of the garden hose and instead of getting sputtering dribbles of water I am now getting a full clean smooth flow of musical information”. With the Gold Signatures instead of a garden hose it is more like taking the kink out of a fire hose.

There are many companies that offer speaker cables but if you are looking to make a significant expenditure in speaker cables I would highly recommend putting the Elrod Gold Signatures on your list of considerations. If looking for a more modest cost you definitely could not go wrong looking at the Silvers.

My next goal, Elrod interconnects.
Hi bostonbean,

If you interested I have for sale : the Elrod Statement Gold
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