Elrod Power Cords

Where Can I Purchase David Elrod Power Cords ?
Does He have a web site Or email address?
his email is deglide@greenwood.net....he is a great gentleman..
The last phone number / address I had for David is: (864) 227-9107; 716 Fairforest Drive, Greenwood, S.C. 29646 ...email deglide@greenwood.net
deglide@greenwood.net will work but expect approximately 1 week for response. I highly recommend you to check out DCCA - You will be happy with DCCA cords. At least I am very happy with my purchase. Email response to questions or inquiries normally takes only few minutes.
I would make the effort to try the Elrods if interested. The # is correct and he is prompt in answering calls.
Sd2005gt: I did a Google for "DCCA". I got a lot of different things, but nothing about power cords. How does one contact them, and what does DCCA stand for? Thanks!
I partially agree with Sd2005gt. Elrods are good cables. But there are a few others that I prefer over Elrods when comparing. My favorites are BMI Hammerhead gold and Silver Hammerhead. Also I like the NBS Black label cables.
Good luck on your persue.
Jfz, type in DCCA here at Audiogon, and you will find all sorts of good stuff. Also do the same search in the classifieds and you will find DCCA's lisitings, and you will be able to send Don of DCCA an email.