Elrod Statement & Signature Conditionner?

Anyone have experience used Elrod Statement & Signature for the front end with Conditionner, if yes which conditionner?? or better plug direct to wall outlets.

Thank you.

the Elrod Statement
Hello Razen;
My Elrod Statement II connects Wadia 860x to Audio Magic Eclipse conditioner.
This combination sound much better,then going directly to the wall.

I have 8 Elrod AC cords in my system; 3 – Sig 2s, 2 – Sig3s, 2 – Statements, 1 - Statement 2. I can only say that the more you put into a system, the better the system gets. I have the Statement 2 on the front end. I have them running out of outlets, but running them out of a conditioner would be better, no doubt.

My suggestion is to ask David Elrod what cables he thinks would work best. He’s a straight shooter.

My front end pieces (EMM lab dcc2/cdsd, custom tube crossover) all have Elrod Statement 2s going to a Hydra 8 which has a Statement 1 to a dedicated circuit. IMS, I find that the Elrod signatures (the Statements even more so) give a refineness and add dynamics that I really enjoy. I have tried going straight into the circuit for the front end and heard a noticeable difference to the worse. OTOH, at various times I have used the original Hydra to my amps and the difference ( with or without the conditioner) is less than the front end.


Which CD player do you have. The Elrod Statements on my Wadia was easily the best upgrade I did. The change was addictive.

I have Statements going from wall to Conditioner (BPT 3.5+) and from conditioner to amp. Have a Sig2 going from BPT to my APL-modded Denon 3910 player. The sound is magical, and better out of the BPT than the wall with the 3910.
David would definitely be the guy to ask, if you haven't already.