I know that Eichmann is famous for his connectors but what about his (ETI) cables? Anyone tried 'em?
Yes im tried with RCA Quintesence Q500 and Q100 these cables are fantastic musical and detail very goos over audioquest, ecosse and MIT. But now i hace XLR connection and quintesence series dont have a XLR cables, but now i used a new express series XLR that replacement to my audioquest Colorado with better sound. I have a eichmann q5oo speaker cable with my Triangle Estratos Solis.
Are you sure that Quintesence series don't have XLR? My local dealer says they can be ordered.
are you shure??? please ask at your local dealer and ask about prices and shipping cost to chile please, i ask to eichmann three months ago and they tellme that dont available , thanks a lot
ETI have been manufacturing an XLR version of the Quiessence for years. It hasn't been on any price lists or advertised openly as there wasn't much demand for it.

But be assured that in the near future ETI will be releasing their very own XLR connector and the QXLR will be commerciallized in the Q100, 500, 1000, 3000 and reference range.

Have a look at their new site. you can send in comments and questions also.

Not me i like Purist or Stealth.
I prefer gold based IC's from Jade & KCI.
KCI use ETI bullets in their plugs. They have a review on ETI's new website


They are pretty good. and since when did ETI do an XLR? :S