Efficient Bookshelfs on a budget?

I have just bought a panny 42" plasma and need some speakers to go with it. The problem is that I just spent 4k on the TV and don�t want to YET spend big $ on the complete audio system. The panny has a 7.5watt output and I would love to just run some bookshelf speakers directly off of that. The volume in the room will be very moderate but the room is pretty big and opens into another room so if there are any moderate or high efficiency speakers that anybody can suggest with a good sound please help me out.

Eric Baer
B&W DM303

Great performer and can be had for less than $300.

Have you given any thought to pro-audio products, specifically self-powered speakers? Usually, for a real modest price, you will get speakers that are shielded and sound pretty decent. These speakers have many applications ... portable stereo system (paired with a CD walkman); PC based system; portable PA system (paired with a mic or instrument). These will never become throw-aways, as there is always some kind of use for them.

Fostex and JBL make some nice systems in the $250 or so range. One in particular by Fostex can be had for $229 at B&H Photo. B&H is a very reputable dealer with very good prices and they offer quite a few of these systems.

Good luck, Rich
And I'll chime in with the Athena Technologies, with sensitivity ratings of 91 db to 94 db, depending on size. I used to run them from the 8-watt Wave 8s, and they just screamed. Quite revealing though, so I can't vouch for the ultimate effect with your television as a source. For a review/description, go to http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/athena_asb1.htm.
I like the name "Iamcrazy", most people are, the difference is they do not know it.
As for speaker, I like the 303.
Sound Dynamics 300ti. No longer manufactured, will have to find it used. A great performer!
7.5 watts in a very large room is not enough to drive these speakers mentioned above . I recommend Acoustic energy Aego 2. It is self powered and can be wall mounted and will look awesome with your plasma.
Just double check @ what OHM rating that 7.5 watts is... a lot of TV based amps output their watts @ 16 or 32 ohms. That would greatly affect your speaker selection.
Sorry, didn't read your post thoroughly. I would forget about speakers until funds would allow you to purchase a separate amplifier/processor.
Vaystrem, if I am not wrong, the B&W speakers will have sensitivity measured either in 8 or 6 ohms, therefore, if I am not wrong, after having read a thread about it, an output device that turns out 7.5watts at 16 ohm, will double that output at 8 ohm, yielding you a good 15 watts and if the impedance would be lower, wouldn't that mean that the fellow would have more watts than less watts to use? Well, the thing that needs to be questioned is if the power supplies of these supposed TV amp are decently built, made. I say, spend $300 used in a very good pair of speakers, try and if it does not work out well, keep them until you get your home set up going. Doesn't your flatscreen already have speakers? If I am not wrong, sound might not be up to concert levels, but most TVs do have some usable volume.

You might try speaks from KRK Systems,check out their website,really like them myself,good luck,Bob
I've heard one of those computer-speaker systems-with a sub included for 300 that is enough to get by on till the wallet regenerates itself.
How about Creativesound's ELFs? Link.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm mistaken that these single drivers are intended for use with low powered tube amps.
I looked at the ELF specs a little more and it looks like those drivers need 15 watts.
I agree with Royy.. If you don't have a receiver or integrated amp to power your bookshelf speakers, even a modest 3-piece powered sub/satellite system will run rings around a pair of bookshelfs powered by that tv's built-in amp. If you cannot swing the budget for the Aegos (my first choice, too) you could look at something like the larger Cambridge Soundworks self-powered sytems, also sold under the Creative brand at computer stores. Huge bang-for-the-buck and decent sound quality, more than you'll need for watching TV. You would just use the Panny's line-level audio out jacks to the powered sub/sat, bypassing the tv's built-in amp. Set the audio output to "variable" in the Panny's setup menu to control volume from the tv. Good luck! JZ
Newbie13, the W3-871s used in the ELF's has rated power of 15 watts and maximum power of 30 watts. I think this means they can handle 15 watts continuous and 30 watt peaks.
I ran them with the 22 watt Denon UD-M31 and they broke up but I don't know what wattage exactly. Although they aren't designed as a high-efficiency Lower type driver.
Ran them with a "20" watt AIWA XR-EC12 but this thing only put out 85dB with 88dB efficiency speakers. So I would say this is a 1 watt mini system and it ran them okay.
I think the absence of a crossover may help the power rating. Conversely it sure makes Thiels suck up a lot of power.
Rutledge Audio Design also makes RAD micros based on the same Tang-Band deriver.