Eat more more?

Last time I visited my local record shop "Eat more Records" in Lawrencville, GA. was a few months back....stopped by yesterday to find the store completely empty...anyone know if they have moved or what the deal is?? Im hoping Craig and the guys have not wrapped it up for good.. Thanks for any info..
Did you go to the store in Snellville. I think on Killian Hill or Five Forks Trickum?
They closed the one on Jimmy Carter Blvd. some time ago, I know that.
Yes, the new location is (was) on Sugarloaf Pkwy in the Publix shopping ctr. Been there for a few years relocated from off JC Blvd. (Rockbridge Rd)

Anyway, the store is now empty..It must have been hard to keep things going with rent and even the little overhead they had.

Sorry to see them go. I dont think they ever used AudiogoN to sell the stock of LP's..
I happened to pass by as they were loading the last displays. I asked if they were closing or just re-locating. Unfortunately, they've gone out of business.
Thanks Chazro...I had a feeling that was the case..