Hi, I recently upgraded to a Klipsch S3 from the Apple IEM's and while they are definitely an improvement, I was looking for a bit more. I have a buddy who wants to buy the S3's off me for 25 bucks (I paid 30 bucks for them) so I'm on the search for a new set of earbuds under $50.

The main problems I had with the S3's were a) noise leaking out b) lack of clarity in all areas other than bass.

this isn't to say I didn't like the bass, because I did, but everything but the bass lacked clarity and depth

I'm currently looking at klipsch s4's and etymotic mc 5. any other suggestions?
NuForce 'phones should give you lots of clarity without overly bloomy warmth if that's what you're looking for. Got a pair (the gold ones that work with an iphone -- forget the model) for a friend of mine and he loves'em, and I think they offer models at a few different price points now.

I've got a pair of Sennheiser CX500s -- not sure if they're made anymore -- and they definitely have a warmer bottom end but still have decent detail in the highs and mids. Makes things like MP3 recordings sound good -- not sure the NuForces would do that. Anyway, there are two possible options.

Best of luck.
Didn't you just post 2 days ago in your other thread that you liked the Klipsch S3's? Anyway, as I said in the other thread, I like my Sennheisers, but I don't know the model number (they are specifically designed to stay put when you are running). Go to earphonesolutions.com and check out the numerous options.
I should also mention that I previously had a pair of the Shure in-ear monitors that cost around $150. They sounded great when you could get them to stay in exactly the right position, but they were always moving around. They also had an annoying microphonic effect whenever you touched the cord or chewed something.
Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5'! UE makes superior buds! I found them to have the same problems regarding positioning AND the microphonics. Completely solved by changing (upgrading?) the budpiece and the cable! Isn't ours a great hobby!;)