EAR 890 amp bridged as mono blocks

Hi, Does anyone bridge 2 EAR 890 power amps to make mono blocks? If yes, how do you connect them? Thanks
Hi Dungn,

Yes I do.

Use only the left channel speaker connection of each amp to produce 140wpc.

To Add.....

There's a gain adjustment at the back of each amplifier. Play with the adjustments to get better channel separations/balance

Thanls Analog_soul. Is it possible for you to make it clear how you connect? eg. which terminals are connected etc. I am afraid I may blow up the amps. Tx.
Dungn, in Robert Levi review, this is how to run them in mono.

"The stereo 890 becomes a monoblock with the click of two outboard switches and the connection of an external strap, which should be a 24-inch length of speaker wire identical to your normal speaker cables. There is no need for further adjustment."

I think you should contact ear-usa for CLEAR instructions.