Dynavector DV-10x5 repair?

An older tube phono recently took itself out fairly spectacularly along with my Dynavector DV-10x5.
Using a known good phono preamp the cart plays in mono but the left channel is out in stereo. Tonearm wire continuity checks out OK.
I lack knowledge to do with workings of carts. Is there a cartridge repair provider that could reasonably repair it? Would I be better off to replace it? I have not contacted Dynavector.
Thank you.
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Buy a new one! Repair cost liable to be high!
There is a used one here on Audiogon for $425
The Dynavector 10x5 is a really great cartridge, super fun sounding not the last word in detail or refinement but a freaking great cartridge. I would contact Soundsmith I think they can repair. Also, the NEW gen 10X5 is a $750 cartridge the older models back in 2012 sold for $425 new. SO, dont be fooled know which one your buying if used.

Matt M
Thanks Matt. I did not know about the new/old verson great information.
First thing I did was view Sound Smith's web site. Nothing there on repair for my issue but I'll email them.
Soundsmith is the place they rebuild these cartridges all day, not sure how much it costs though. GL