Dynavector 20x2H vs. Karat 17D3

Due to a shipping accident, I am going to be moving from a Rega P3-24 to a Rega RP3. As part of that my Dynavector 20x2-H is getting replaced. I am thinking about upgrading to the Karat 17D3. I am using a Moon 110LP, but may upgrade to the Moon 310 LP later this year.

Any thoughts on moving from the 20x2 high output MC to the Karat low output? Will it be a worthwhile upgrade? My Moon 100LP provides a 60db gain setting, so that should be adequate for the Karat's .3 mV output.
I have a Dynavector 17D3 and love it.
The best way to note if your setup will have enough juice to cope is to note where on the volume control you were with your prior cartridge. If you had a lot of volume control left, then you are good to go.
I find most systems today have so much gain, even a low output will work fine.
I have a Dynavector 17D3 on a Kuzma Stogi S
A Dynavector Ruby 23 on a Dual Golden One
And a Benz Glider on Rega P5.
The 17D3 is also a good height for your table without having to add spacers.
I had to add two spacers for my Benz on the Rega P5.
I have a Naim UnitiQute driving a Naim NAP 250-2, so I think I'm good there. I'm usually at 55-65/100 on the volume control for most music. Between that and the 60db gain setting on the Moon phono preamp I think I should be good.

But curious how it compares to the 20x2-H.
so take my response with a grain of salt as I have not heard either of the latest models.

The Dyna 20xh is a big sounding cartridge. I've compared it in my system to half a dozen other carts in different price ranges, and it 'sounds' the biggest. By that I mean, big bass, big lush midrange, and big soundstage. I'ts also smooth and easy on the ear.

The Karat, (i've got a 17d2 MKii) is so different sounding as to make you wonder if they are made by the same company. It's fast and super detailed while remaining smooth as silk. It has deep tight bass, but not as powerful as the 20x. The Karat does sound 'smaller' than the 20x, but then so does every other cart I've tried in my system. I've got multiple armwands on my Scout/JMW-9 so it makes it easy for me to switch between the two.

My advice, buy both!!
My appologies...the first line in my post is supposed to read "I've got the previous generation of both those carts, so take my respose with a grain of salt".
My RP3 is supposed to arrive tomorrow. We will put the 20x2-H on it, like I had before. If I get it home and have RFI issues, like I did with the P3-24/DV20x2 combination before, then we may try the 17D3.
Dear Dwette: This one IMHO outperform the cartridges you mentioned and could help you to achieve a lot better quality performance level:


Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks Raul, but that's not an option as I have credit with my dealer for a damaged DV 20x2. They aren't going to go out and buy a cartridge for me they don't carry normally. I get a new 20x2 in return, but have to option of paying an upcharge for the 17D3 if I want. I've already decided to stay with the 20x2.
I brought my new RP3 home on Saturday, with a new DV 20x2-H. It sounds great and I'm happy to find I have no RFI issues whatsoever.

Now I'm just waiting for my new REL T-7 and cable to arrive and my new system will finally be complete.
Hi I have the p7 with the 17d3 I know some dealers even sell this combination it is a great match with the rega. On the same table I have had exact , 10x5 , elys ii, and denon dl103r, the karat is the best by far and aligns perfectly with stock shims. See if you can listen somewhere as cartridges can be subjective to the listeners taste. The karat just seems to play it as is without coloration and I like that!
Good luck with the RP3's. I got a new one in May and kept the Linn Adikt MM and it plays just fine. I don't miss either one of the 2 Linn Sondek 12's that I sold. And they were triple the cost to boot.