Dynavector 10X5 v. AT OC9

Could anyone share an opinion on either of these mounted in a VPI Scout? I'd be interested in the sonic attributes of each or compared to each other if someone has actually had that experience.

Thank you.
I have used both cartridges and the Scout but not at the same time. I would go with the OC9 although the Dynavector is quite good.
Yes, I prefer the OC-9 too
Thanks, guys. Stanwal...did you run the OC9 in the Scout? I know VPI likes the Dyna's as a match to the JMW9 but am wondering how the weight and compliance of the OC9 will mate in this arm.
For a very short time. I had no problems I can recall, it was over a year ago. I took it out to send back to get re tipped and sold the Scout while it was gone. Turned out that it was fine and didn't need re tipping after all. The AT 33 EV is also a great cartridge, sometimes available at $400 from J&R. I like the Dyna also [I am a dealer] but it takes a better one than the 10/5 to match the ATs to my ears.
Thanks, guys. I'm now trying to locate a good deal on an AT OC9 or Dyna 20XL, either of which should do the trick. My preference is for the OC9 since I had a 20XM for a while and would like to try something different.
$350 at J&R.
Hi Guys, I am curious if any one has used or is currently using the AT OC9/III with a VPI JMW-9T tonearm and if there are any resonance issues with this combination?
Thanks for your comments,