Dynaudio S3.4

If you own these speakers I would love to hear your Impressions? Please let me know of your source and associated equipment.

I own the Dyn S3.4 and Dyn Special25 here's my write up of both if you have interest.

Dynaudio Impressions

Note: I changed my user-monikor as if was tired of the old one.
Absolutely love the sound of the S3.4's, dynamic as all get out, very musical, surprisingly powerful bass response, I've measured it down to 20hz, even though it's only rated in the mid 30's. Associated Equipment: SimAudio P5 pre-amp, SimAudio Titan Amp, Sony XA9000ES SACD player, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC, Adcom 850 DVD player.
I have had the 1.3SE & presently have the C2s, I think Dynaudio speakers are the best. Very neutral sounding and the midrange can’t be touched.