Dynaudio Evidence Temptation vs. Avalon Eidolon

Anyone able to evaluate these two speakers head to head? I own the Eidolons (standard, not the Diamond), have been intrigued by reviews of the Dynaudios, and am thinking of upgrading. My listening room has an 8-1/2-foot ceiling and a carpeted floor. If you can, please comment on the efficacy of the Dynaudio's reduced vertical dispersion. Thank you.
I upgraded to Temptations about 2 months ago,having previously used Dynaudio C5's for several years. The much larger Temptations actually seem to require about 25% less power to get the same volume as did the C5's. I am absolutely smitten with the Temptations. I just can't get enough of them and I am in awe that any company could design and build such a remakeable speaker. I have been a listener of high-end for over 25 years, starting with Marantz 7-C,10-C & 8-b's with J.B. Lansing, etc. I plan to never change out my speakers again, that's how good the Temptations are. I am using all Krell equipment to power these wonderful speakers. I say Just buy them.
Hello Connoisseur,

I don't know if that going from the Eidolon to the Tempation would be an across the board upgrade for you.
Have you listened to the Diamonds yet? I recently went from the Eidolon to the Eidolon Diamond. I only have about 200hrs on the new speakers and I can tell you that the Diamonds are freaking amazing.

The music just pours out of these things. Not only will you hear new musical information that you never heard before, but everything you thought you heard before you haven't because these things give instruments and voices a (sound) totally new life.

The detail of timbre and texture sounds so real I sit there saying (out loud) "I can't beleive what I'm hearing". There is a big fat ZERO fatigue with these speakers and yet the music coming out of them is full of life energy and vitality that demands and keeps your attention. Just amazing!

For those of you who own Eidolons and are wondering if you should upgrade to the Diamonds I can't tell you how happy I am and how glad I made that decision. The Eidolon is a great speaker and the Diamond takes it to a whole new much higher level.

The only problem is sleep or the lack of it because I can't stop playing disc after disc.

Good luck to you, I hope you find what you are looking for