What amplifiers should I have for Dyn Temptation.

I bought Dynaudio Evidence Temptation this week. No amplifiers now. Please recommend amplifiers for them.

you'll need strong ss amp. i'm very pleased with performance of Wyred4Sound amps. STI-500 is a good budget match.
I previously owned a pair of Dynaudio Temptations. Absolutely wonderful speakers. I found synergy with Lamm Ref 1.2 amps and an Audio Research Ref 3 preamp. Even though the Lamm amps are rated at 100 wpc, they easily drove and controlled the Temptations.
Best in your search.
A good Krell
I just had a look at the krells for sale and saw a krell fpb 400cx for 4k if you can afford more maybe a newer e series
How are you doing skyserve? Any amps yet?
What size room do you have for the Temptations?
My audio room is not big. It's 500cm * 600 cm. And I searched out several amplifiers. (Power amp considered before pre)

1. Mcintosh MC2301 mono pair
2. Audio Research VT200mkii
3. Krell 400cx
4. Mcintosh MC240 (I owned for my Bookself, Totem Mani2 Signature)

Those are what I can get easily around me.

Thanks, Marakanetz

How about the Pass labs XA100.5 mono blocks? Audio Research VTM200 is candidate as well.

But as you recommend, I plan to go to Krell 400cx.
Can you recommend preamp for that?
For preamp, if I take Krell 400cx,

1. Audio Research Ref. 3
2. BAT 51SE
3. Krell KCT

and please counsel about Pass XA100.5 and AR VTM200 monos as well.

Candidate List

1. Audio Research SP-8 (USD2,500)
2. BAT VK-52SE (?)
3. BAT VK-51SE (USD3,800)
4. BAT VK-31SE (USD3,000)
5. Audio Research Reference 3 (USD6,200)
6. Audio Research LS26 (USD3,300)
7. Krell KCT (?)
8. Chord CPA 5000 (?)
9. Chord CPA 3200 (USD4,800)
10. Accuphase A-20V (USD2,100)
11. Mark levinson 380L (?)
12. Simaudio P-7 (USD4,000)
13. Burmester 808mk3 (USD9,000)

Power amp
1. Mark levison 26s (USD4,600)
2. Mark levison 532 (USD14,000)
3. Krell 400cx (USD5,400)
4. Passlabs x 150.5 (USD2,500)
5. Passlabs x 250.5 (USD3,900)
6. Passlabs x 350 (USD3,900)
7. Audio Research VT200mk2 (USD3,500)
8. Mcintosh MC2301 mono blocks (USD9,000)

Those are what I get easily and quickly near my house.
Could you choose a combination for temptations?
Winner on your list is BAT VK31SE/Krell 400cx
I would not recommend any tube amp for temptations even high powered one.
Instead of Krell 400cx, Someone offers Krell 350mcx mono blocks.

Krell 400cx: USD6,250
Krell 350mxc: USD7,150

What should I go for?
Hi a few years ago, I sent my VK51 in for the SE update. The dealer loaned me a VK31...it's cut from the same cloth but didn't have the same weight and power of the 51..also the 51 was more quiet and resolute.

The 51SE update just brought more of this to the sound...

I don't know much about the 400cx but I had the 350mcx for a few years then upgraded to 450mcx. I can tell you from experience that the 450 MCX is a much better amp than the 350 MCX. The power is difference is suppose to be only a 100 watts but the 450 sound so much better - deeper bass and fuller mid range. The 350 in comparison sounds lean. The 450 is about 30 pounds heavier and operates much hotter. Based on the heat, I would guess the 450 is biased more into class.

The 450 also works well with Audio Research preamp. I used it with an ARC REF 5SE and it sounded very nice. You get the low end of Krell and the vocal and smoothness of tube as well.

If you find a pair of 450 MCX, I would highly recommend them over the 350.