Mcintosh MC240 can drive Dynaudio Temptation?

Vintage amplifier can drive Dynaudio Evidence Temptation enough?

6L6 PP Tube ower, 40W/channel

Any other recommendation if I should go to a high-end gear?

Thank you!
too heavy for vintage mac.
Stereophile review available online. Measurement section says:
The Temptation goes very loud with only a small input signal—I estimated its voltage sensitivity as a high 91dB(B)/2.83V/m. However, its impedance (fig.1) is moderately difficult, with a minimum value of 3.1 ohms at 120Hz and a demanding combination of 4 ohms and a 42 degrees capacitive phase angle at 80Hz.

but reviewer used only high power SS amplifiers. Hard to say for sure, but I'd say it's borderline.
Probably not enough juice for the Temptations, I wouldn't even attempt it over fear of damage to the old amp. Do you have any other amps to try them with. I know I am not the only nut case with multiple amps.
since tube amps are generally safe for speakers, they can fry themselves driving such a complex and difficult load as temptations.