Dynaudio Contour S5.4 vs Focus 380?


I am being offered both these speakers for the similar money.

And I am absolutely confused, what to do.

How can the differences be described? I could not find a review ANYWHERE!

Even asked Dynaudio. No reply.

Clearly the Contour is higher in rank but also older.

Both have the same tweeter.

I come from the Focus 340, and I LOVE them.

how can the differences be described?

Please help!!! Need to decide asap....

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Hi, I have heard both speakers, but with different electronic, so I could escchar, the 380 m seemed better box, more refined, and more controlled, but it is also true that the 5.4 My friend does not have the right amp and the right room, the contour is more relaxed, acute is more like the C1, and the grave is more relaxed, but also very low ...
I describe the systems used.

System 1: Dynaudio 5.4, plinius odeon, audible illusions M3A preamp, eectrocompniet EMC1 up

System 2: Dynaudio focus 380, Threshold S/500, plinius Tautoro or Grypon Bel Canto preams, linn Majik DS

As I said before in these conditions but I liked the 380 .. I hope I helped a little. Greetings and good luck
hello again, sorry for my English, is largely the google translator ...

- "so i could escchar" = So i could listen...

but it is also true that the 5.4 (of) my friend does .....

"acute is more like the C1"
sorry what did you mean? =high frequencies, are very similar the Focus 380 and C1 ..

"very low"
you mean more bass-rich sound? = Very bass
5.4 richer in low frequencies, but better bass control in 380..

that's my point of view with the two listened systems

5.4 is very spectacular, and is better for many genres.

380 the focus is more intimate, and with a little more control, but both need very good amplifiers ...