Dynaudio Contour S5.4 vs Focus 380?


I am being offered both these speakers for the similar money.

And I am absolutely confused, what to do.

How can the differences be described? I could not find a review ANYWHERE!

Even asked Dynaudio. No reply.

Clearly the Contour is higher in rank but also older.

Both have the same tweeter.

I come from the Focus 340, and I LOVE them.

how can the differences be described?

Please help!!! Need to decide asap....

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Contour and Focus share the same tweeter but Contours highs are better becuz customised on a higher level...Contours bass goes deeper...Contour is more laid back speaker...has more deeper and higher soundstage...Contour has more advanced cabinet...5.4 will demand even more powerful and rafined amps to get it right...Focus is great speaker for the money...but Contour is better...not by far but better...no matter how older design is...i owned Focus 380 few years ago...no matter which speaker you choose be sure to power them with powerful high current SS amps or they will not shine their potential and you gonna waste your money...also you need to put them in atleast middle sized room to breathe properly...if you have any other questions feel free to ask

I dont know...never listened to that amp...specs dont look convincing (to fully wake up Dyns ofcourse) but most time specs are deceiving...you got to try it for yourself...i was pushing Focus with Gryphon Diablo integrated and it was wonderful combination but there is never enough power for Dyns so beware...also i forgot to tell you that Contours are more musical and involving speaker than Focus...but you must carefully chose amp source and cables...

Rusty tnx for response...nice story...and great choice of speakers if i may say...i had a similiar fear that bass might be overpowering in my room too becuz of almost double cabinet volume than focus 380 but bass was even more cleaner better and deeper than focus...slim cabinet, baffle and floor stand handle reflections and vibrations at minimum...and while i have 30m2 room which is not small and im not complaining but more benefit would be in even bigger room and speakers more away from all walls...be sure to make some acoustic treatments becuz your system deserves it and it will make great difference especialy at loud listening levels what dynaudio is all about...

Rusty75...i dont know based on what you concluded that i did not heard Contour 5.4...maybe on my post from 2013 year where i said i did not heard it...but in beggining of this year i heard 5.4 speaker in system of my friends friend with hegel H30 mono amplification...session was about few hours and in different system than my focus but enough to hear differences between focus 380 and contour 5.4...i also heard focus 340 with exposure 3010s2 integrated and contour 3.4 with vincent integrated amp (i cant remember of model)...so i know preety much differences in sound of new focus line and contour...and i wouldnt say that 5.4 is more unforgiving on bad records, or that bass on focus is more controled and precis...i would say that 5.4 is bit more involving and more musical and has lower ear fatigue than focus i heard...focus is also more forward sounding speaker...i writed in my previous posts every other difference i heard so...

I owned Focus 380 for about year...burning in speakers lasted about 2 weeks of non stop playing at middle level...after 200 hours they started to sound much better especially on bass and slowly getting better till around 300 and little more hours...every Dyn sounds best when played at loud levels allthough they sound very decent at low and mid levels...dont get me wrong...i just loved to listening focus speakers but contour is just on a higher level...but if you like more focus flavor then go for it by all means, im sure you want regret it but contour will give you just more of that Dynaudio sound...more taller full bodyed images of musitians, more rafined and realistic sound...if you are not technophile who upgrades every 3 months and you mean to keep those speakers for a long time and have proper space for them i would say contour...then you will have world class audiophile speakers and will slowly build a great system around them...you wont be sorry either way...dont waste your time on reviews too much...trust your ears on auditions and then decide no matter who says what, bring your amp atleast if you can...good luck...keep us posted...

plan to keep it next 20 years!? in that case go and buy c4-s NOW!!! forget what wife says, just bring them home...she will love the look :)
I hope your wife will appreciate timeless elegant slim design of confidence c4 in live becuz if your amp will be up to task you will choose c4-s regarding the sound...but in the end you'll decide will the sound of c4-s be worth of price difference...i dont know what music do you listen but observe how c4-s behave on large scale music...great midhall presentation...you will be suprised...but also has intimacy of mini monitor speaker with chamber music and jazz quartets...the box is even more dead than contours...and has more real bass that is not shaking rooms and punching you in chest that gets you tired after half hour of listening...it has clean fast and tight bass...notice that though Focus and C4-s share same raw driver esotar2 how much better driver is customised on c4s...its brutal...just listen to some solo piano music and notice how much more musical involving and swaying c4 sounds...notice how much better attack and decay is and more real presentation of low level details...it sounds just right...that is my experience...also if you can play with different sources and cables a bit so you dont write off one of speakers too soon...i would reccomend you that you use some fast silver cables...im using Crystal cables Ultra SC and IC with great results...great cables and sources is also must...or your speakers will underperform...every of 3 mentioned speakers is a gem and i wouldnt be suprised if you choose Focus model...anyway good luck and take your time...you have sweet worries...