dynaudio a50/a52 vs. aci sapphire III

I'd welcome any comments comparing the dynaudio audience 50/52 and the aci sapphire III. Will purchase a sub also, but from reviews, looks like one of these two may be the way to go.
What kind of amp. do you have? What kind of music do you listen?
I actually haven't gotten an amp yet, I'm thinking of getting a marantz receiver, either the SR7000/8000 or SR19. Will I notice a difference between receivers? My musical taste runs from Jazz to Blues to Modern and classic rock. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I own Sapphire's, and i love them. I think ACI would be best with hi Q tube amp. Did you think about full range speakers? I would suggest you to check into Vandersteen 2c's, considering your musical taste and the amp. And also the fact that you want to ad SUB, i would take Vandersteen!
Jazz? It isn't dead, but it smells funny! Who said that?
I would also consider Vandersteen or other floorstanding speakers. Satelite-sub, it is not so easy to achieve the greatest synergy.