Dynaudio 1.3SE v. Silverline SR17

Has anyone compared these two speakers? The Silverlines would be the 2nd version. I can get the Silverlines for about $800 less than the Dynaudios. I think the 1,3SE might use better drivers but I'm not sure. If so, do you think there's an $800 difference? Thanks.
The Dynaudio 1.3se used drivers that are unique to the 1.3se and are not available in any other speaker: both bass/mid and tweeter feature neodymium magnets and are considerably more powerful (and expensive) than conventional ferrite magnets.

Personally, I don't think you can do any 'better' for the money than the 1.3se: I think that they are a rare balance between phase coherence, accuracy, transparency and musicality without being overly analytical. The only thing lacking with them, in my opinion, is that they don't do super deep bass; however, they do go to 37hz in my room without any booming or smearing. Of course, since every loudspeaker seems to have its own unique personality, you may prefer another...I would buy the silverline, listen to both, and sell the lesser speaker irrespective of price.

Lastly, if you do keep the 1.3se's, consider changing out the synthetic stuffing for natural wool. I experimented with this and found a slight but worthwhile improvement in the bass and midbass with the wool. Considerig the cost (around $20) it was a very economical upgrade!
This is an old but interesting thread.

As it turns out, I recently was able to purchase both of the speakers in question. So, here is a straightforward answer.

It depends.

If you have a high quality, high power amplifier, the Dynaudio 1.3se really is unlike anything I have heard. Huge soundstage, detail, and accuracy.

If you have more modest amplification--or just lower power like First Watt from Nelson Pass--I would run not walk to the Silverline SR-17.5 or the 17 Supreme. These things were tuned to the Pass sound, and it shows. It's softer, but it sure has swing!

For everyone who ever wondered, I hope that answers the question.
I have owned my Silverline SR12'a for about 10yrs and Alan actually replaced the tweeters. Alan has a wonder "ear" and voices his speakers beautifully. If you want accuracy, then it's Dynaudio, but beautiful sound is Alan's trademark. I also owned his original Sonata's but had to sell them for financial reason. Good luck!