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Dynaudio 1.3SE v. Silverline SR17
I have owned my Silverline SR12'a for about 10yrs and Alan actually replaced the tweeters. Alan has a wonder "ear" and voices his speakers beautifully. If you want accuracy, then it's Dynaudio, but beautiful sound is Alan's trademark. I also owned... 
Cardas Clear USB cable... anyone tried it?
Instanbulu, I ordered one last week and will be testing it soon. Will update. My system is:Macbook/Maverick DAC1 (w/upgraded tube)5687 Tubed Linestage Rogue Stereo 90 Magnum (EHKT88's/Tung Sol 12ax7's)Silverline SR 12'sKubula Sosnos Facination ic'... 
AVR preamp out question
Thanks for all your responses. I did try it again and it works. The problem was that my "little 5687 tubed linestage" doesn't have much output gain so that I have to crank it almost 3/4 full throttle to match my AVR. But it sounds great. I just bo... 
Cable advice; cjMV55 w/ Silverline Sona
I really could not make out your message, please resend a fuller description. thanks, Mike