Dynaco PAS - Beautiful restoration, upgrades, and repairs

I just had 2 Dynaco PAS tube preamps completely restored by a firm called Dynaco Designs.I now have 2 virtually brand new PAS preamps with some important upgrades. Now I'll get another 50 years out of them. It is a small shop that also designed and manufactures beautiful sets of boards. You can get anything including repairs, upgrades, or complete restorations. If you wish you you can buy his boards and do the work yourself.

I am an Electrical Engineer an am really impressed by the quality of his work and the care he takes.His prices are fair. He is also a really nice guy. He also comes highly recommended Dynakitparts.com.

Contact : ( You can say Stewart reommended them)
Seems you are very pleased with the Dynaco signature sound.  Their designs were great in their day, but today better sound is available.  I have owned some of that signature sound in the Sound Valves products that used Dynaco design.  I still listen to those units.  However, I also have Cayin/Vas tube units that sound much better, a least to my ears. Some of the original designs of Marantz and McIntosh are now implemented with SOTA parts and construction, as Cayin/VAS does. Like the 'wheel', new designs borrow a lot from the Dynaco era.
I am talking about a place called "Dynaco Designs". They have a complete redesign of the PAS III. Their tests as good as the Mcintosh MX-110Z.
^^^ I had a modified Dyna Pas III in the system years ago along with two Dyna 70's that were highly modified, converted to mono and then strapped for stereo. They drove a pair of Acoustat IV's. It was one of the most musical systems I've ever put together. Huge, wide and deep sound stage. Amazing vocals. The Acoustats were really power hungry speakers that really needed more power ... a lot more power to sound their best though. The modern stuff is a lot more extended in both the highs and the bass. In the meantime ... have fun. :-)
It may be something of an uphill climb, but I beg to differ with the notion that the original Dynaco circuits of the 1950s and 1960s are outdated such that inevitably better sounding circuits are available to drop into them, today.

I highly recommend the landmark study of the original Stereo 70 by Dave Gillespie and also the outstanding studies of the PAS by George Ronnenkamp of AudioRegenesis - have a look on the left side of the page, here: http://www.audioregenesis.com/

I have rebuilt Stereo 70, Mark III and PAS to basically the original circuit design but including certain "enhancements" akin to what the various "mods" use while nevertheless retaining the identity of the original Dynaco circuit. The results using the original Dynaco circuits can be fabulous.

BTW, no business affiliation with any other parties mentioned.
I have a modded Pas3 in a champagne aluminum chassis , Curcio boards, all silver wiring , high-grade jacks, volume and selector only with real bugleboy !2AX7’s and Mullard 6x12 rectifier.
About as good as my Easter Electric 8 tube Avant pre that I have about 3k in . Pas3 is as good as anyone in their right mind needs .
Most audiopiles, including me, are not .