Vintage MC-75 restoration

I would like to have my McIntosh MC75 mono amps restored to factory specs.  Any recommendations of people who will do the work and are reputable? 
If you're on the West Coast, Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan, Ltd. in Monrovia California is an excellent tech and knows McIntosh amps well (BBL is an authorized dealer). If you're in the East, the crew at Audio Classics in Vestal New York are long-time McIntosh experts, and do great work.
I live in Overland Park, KS and would like to find some reputable place near me, if not I can ship them.  On top of the mono amps there's a mac 1500 receiver that isn't working. 
I would contact Terry Dewick, he has been doing them a long time, and a bit closer to you than the east or west coast.

Send them back to McIntosh.  They have an excellent service department and they are the manufacturer.  I’ve used them several times and of course the returned product is functionally as new.

If you want to be local these guys appear to be quite capable and reputable in downtown OP.  
Electronics Center
7113 W 79th St
Overland Park, KS 66204