Dynaco PAS-4 preamp

Anybody have any experience with this vintage piece? I just picked up one and it will be my 1st adventure in tubes. Compared it to a CJ PV2, Vincent and several others and to me it sounded just as good, if not better esp in the phono stage. I'm a bit surprised there is not much info out there on the internet about this piece.
There was no PAS-4. There was a PAS-3 (tube) and a PAT-4 (transistor). May be that's why there's not much info out there on the PAS-4!
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There was no PAS-4."

Yes there was.
Yes, it's from the Panor Dyna years, when Panor got control of the name. They were formerly Stereo Cost Cutters. Good build quality and nice sound as you point out.

Panor made a few tube amps as well. The Dyna ST70 MKii was a bit of a turkey, IMHO. Primarily because they used the input filters that were forwarded by Frank Van Alstine and they choked the amp at the input. They made a mono, M60 that was quite nice and some solid state amps and preamps as well.
I stand corrected--my apologies!
Here is a link to the owner's manual, provided by that fabulous Dyna expert Bob Latino:


I hope that helps.
I owned a PAS-4 for about 18 months. It was a great sounding pre when you put in good tube, I was using Amperex Orange Globes and the pre sung. When I upgraded I got a ARC LS15.
Mktracy,I have a backup Van Alstine 4si and Amperex Orange Globes are the bomb on it as well. Haven't seen any in a long time .
Hi Schubert, I use to get them from a local tube seller in Temple city, he had tons of them. went to get some new tubes for the ARC LS15 and he had maybe 4 pairs and the price was sky high. Dont see any online and cant find in shops and Kevin Deal is crazy high priced!
I've found the Tube Store in Canada dead reliable . The NOS
Tungsram and RFT tubes they sell are very good at 1/3 the price Kevin gets.