DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?


I have an older Natilus 805 speakers which are still working great, but I am in the need of some better dynamics, top-end, and bass.  Since the cabinet of 805 hasn't changed at all (from what I gather), is it possible for myself to just change the tweeter, drivers, and cross-over to the 805 diamond series and create the same sound?

Anyone's done such a thing before?

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I am re-opening this, as I am stuck at home and I'd like to take this on to upgrade the cross-over.

Could ANYONE recommend WHICH Caps, resistors are suitable for the upgrade that DO FIT on the board, and also improve sound being newer and better components.
Thanks guys, won't touch drivers but will look into caps, or just sell and buy something else.

Now how easy/hard it is to change the caps? Which is recommended to do the same roll-off, crossover as factory intended? Any guide, parts you recommend?
I am now debating whether to attempt this at all, to me, just upgrading caps at random without thinking of what the design and measurements at B&W WITH original Caps were meant to achieve, is not wise. I may make things worse.

Now, how do I find EXACT SAME spec caps, which wouldn't really change the design parameters and do an upgrade like that?