DVR connection to D-VCR

Sorry for the naivete of this question, but I am trying to figure out how to connect a Sony DVR (component out--no coaxial cable out) to a high defintion VCR that has only a coaxial input or one that has a firewire input with component outputs. The idea is to be able to archive high definition recordings from the the DVR to the VCR. I'm stumped? and the web has not helped much... It does not sound like an RF modulator would work as this would not be high definition. Shoots maybe the D-VCR cannot even decode the high def digital signal? (One of the D-VCRs is the Mitsubishi and the other is the JVC)
I believe the Mitsubishi will only accept 1080i digital connections from camcorders and specific digital tuners (Mitsubishi and maybe some others) via firewire. Depending on the vintage of the JVC you may be able to use firewire, YBR and/or component inputs from an appropriate digital tuner or camcorder. From what I understand, Pay For Channels such as HBO, etc. may not work. There have been some computer based interfaces avialable, but, they are a bit esoteric and are reputed to be a bit "buggy". The last time I checked, which was sometime ago, there was only a couple of DVR's that permitted this output, was not available from Direct TV, is no longer in production and are actively sought out by others for the same reasons you've outlined. Many end up downgrading to analogue to archive. I could be wrong, but, some of the firewire connections may be limited to video.
Thanks Unsound.
The Mit is the HS-HD2000U and the JVC is the HM DH30000U.
The Mitsubishi takes firewire in and the JVC only has a coaxial cable in, while the Sony 250 Gig DVR only has component out. Is there some kind of converter/adaptor/switcher that takes multiple inputs (coaxial cable, component, firewire, USB, HDMI) and has mutiple outputs (coaxial cable, component, firewire, USB, HDMI) "A multi-language/protocol interconverter"? I have the Denon 4306 AVR--but it does not allow for that kind of relationship...
I am curious about this also. I have a HD Dishnetwork DVR (Model 9??) and I would like to transfer some of the stored HD programming to another medium (preferably DVD). How can I do this ? do I need a HD VCR or Blu Ray writer. What is my best option ?. I noticed there is a USB port on the front of the reciever. Can this be used to transfer the HD programs from the hard drive of my receiver to the hard drive of my PC/Notebook ? Any other options ?

To the best of my knowledge both the Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U and the JVC HM DH3000U can only recieve 1080i digital HD via IEEE 1394 fire wire. The Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U can only send via IEEE 1394 fire wire. The JVC DH3000U is equiped with an MPEG encoder/decoder which can upconvert analog signals to digital to record in the digital domain and output via HD analog component output. I'm guessing the JVC's MPEG decoder is MPEG2 and I don't know how it will interface with some of the newer MPEG 4 systems. I believe some of the newer JVC machines may be more flexible, but, I'm not sure. Unless one gets into some esoteric computer based equipment, I believe the only way to record in pure digital HD with either of these machines is via IEEE 1394 fire wire. This IEEE 1394 fire wire is only capable of connecting with specific applications.
If the HD Dishnetwork has an appropriate IEEE 1394 fire wire outlet, your probably in luck, if not, your probably out of luck.
I suspect the powers that be, arranged this mess to protect their "intellectual property". You know, reality shows and the like.
Thanks again Unsound.
I found this on the LST-3410A which would have been helpful before I bought the Sony DVR: Live and spend and learn

Fun with FireWire
The LST-3410A features two four-pin FireWire ports, to which you can connect a D-VHS player or a few compatible camcorders. After I connected the LG box to the JVC-HM30000U and pressed the remote's 1394 button, I could watch and control the JVC's signals through the LST-3410A without having to switch any connections or find other remotes. The quality of D-VHS signals didn't appear to diminish when passed through the LST-3410A. The shuttle launch at the start of Digital Video Essentials looked absolutely stunning.

Through that FireWire connection, you can transfer content from a D-VHS tape to the LST-3410A's hard drive, provided that content is not copy-protected. I was able to transfer PBS HD demo footage from a D-VHS tape to the hard drive, but not a segment from the Digital Video Essentials tape. Perhaps the best feature of all, though, is the ability to archive HD recordings from the hard drive to D-VHS for permanent storage; not only is this a rare and much-desired ability in an HD device right now, but it couldn't be easier to do than it is with the LST-3410A
The LST-3410A is interesting. Too bad it doesn't have a high quality input connection to attach to a satalite or cable box. What were they thinking?
BTW, I don't believe you'll be able to use the Mitsubishi to play pre-recorded commericial studio released HD DVHS tapes, that seems to be a talent unique to the JVC.
So many options and so little compatability. Don't you just love it? These electronic companies must stay up till the wee hours devising ways to screw with consumers. This much confusion couldn't ever be possible just by chance.