DVI hookup going directly to TV and not thru amp

I'm thinking about buying the Samsung DVD-HD931 DVD/CD player with 720p/1080i DVI output. I think this will hold me over until true HD DVD players are available. The player has DVI outputs that my HDTV will accept but I run all my other video sources through my receiver and not directly to my TV. Are there going to be problems? Will my souuround sound via optial digital connection from the DVD player to the receiver work correctly? I have an average system and I use it a lot but I don't know too much more than how to get it to play. My receiver it the Sony 5000ES and my "old DVD player" that I will also leave hooked up is the Sony 555ES.
Anyone out there have any advise for me? I'd like to get a little better picture quality out of DVD's....?
There is absolutely zero reason (other than convenience) to run a video signal through the receiver. It only causes you to spend twice as much money on cables (requires 2 instead of 1).

Run the video signal directly to the TV and simply use the TV remote (or a universal remote) to select the correct input.

It is conceivable that running direct would produce a better quality signal since you have a shorter cable length, no un-needed connections and no switching circuitry.


hooking up as described above will work and is often better than going through a receiver due lack of signal degredation by receiver if it doesn't have enough video bandwith >50khz reccomended 100khz is better. please note that most signifigant improvement via dvi applies only to digital displays, plasma, dlp, lcos, and lcd. analog (tube) displays may not show any improvement via dvi.
running the digital to receiver and video to tv will not be a problem. i have found that the easiest way to improve picture quality is to control amount of light in the room followed by removing glare screen (if you have a crt rptv) then calibration. for more info check out www.avsforum.com or hometheaterspot.com

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My set is a CRT (Sony KP-65WV700 ). Will I see any advantage using the DVI connection rather than the component hook ups?

according to "the perfect vision" nov/dec 2003, the sony kp-57ws510 showed excellent picture quality through both component and dvi. made no difference. i don't know if your set is similiar. go to home theater spot and look in the sony forum, or see if you can find dave levy. he's a respected calibrator and will give you good advice. from what i have read, most crt's don't show any improvement via dvi, so i didn't even try with my pioneer.

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