DVD/SACD or DVD+SACD, which way to go?

I am upgrading my AV system. I bought thiel CS1.6 speakers. Now I am facing the choice: buy SACD + DVD separatedly, or just one unit DVD/SACD? How big is the difference between Sony SCD-1 and DVP-NS900V? If SCD-1 is so good, why Sony stopped making them?
Get Marantz SA12S1, this is the flagship of 1 stop models on all in 1 system, performing CD/CDR/CDRW/SACD/SACD Multi/DVD functions in same machine.

Video quality: component output wins Sony 9000ES

Best for the value.
I have the Sony 9000ES and recommend it if you can't afford the more expensive units. Or try the new 999ES. These play SACD and DVD-Video. I've bought a couple of DVD-Audio discs, and so far they also play a DVD-Video track on my Sony. I can't say they all do this, but so far I don't feel like I'm missing much. And the decision to go DVD-Audio can be delayed a while.

Happy Listening.
I have the Sony 900V-if it's a good price then it will give very reasonable performance on CD replay (around a $400/500 player probably more)and SACD replay which is considered decent/good by the mags but difficult for me to place since I've heard little other SACD but it was better imho than the cheaper Pioneer universal machine (forget the number)imho that I have heard.
It will also do multi-channel SACD and is a very good DVD player to boot.
However what I've read about the SCD-1 clearly indicates that it is on another level on SACD/CD stereo replay which you would expect at 6x the price.
You are looking at very different machines and the decision is down to what is more important to you-stereo replay,CD replay,movies and SACD stereo and multi-channel.
All in one players take up little space in your rack, If a receiver is good enough for you then an all in one player will be good enough. Multi-format players have to cut corners some were just like receivers do to keep costs down for that market. Good multi-format players can be built but they would share nothing inside the box which is not the case with these players on the market. You will get what you pay for in these players which could be good bang for buck, but will be far from SOTA. In the case of the sony SCD-1, every model of everything audio has an end, always has, always will. Thats what the big shows they have every year are all about, out with the old and in with the new.
I have the Sony DVP-NS900v, and must say, that as far as video quality it is more than acceptable. SACD playback is multi channel and when released was considered most excellent. Having said that, I am sure that SACD DACs have improved, if I where looking to buy again I would seriously consider the Sony DVP-NS999ES, ES quality and reviewed favorably.

The 900s weakest link, and probably the 999ESs, is its CD playback, I am not sure if that matters.

As far as Toshiba and Pioneer multi format players, I would suggest a comparison, the video characteristics differ. I prefer the Sony, both the Pioneers and Toshibas seem artificially vibrant. IMO anyway.

Good luck, I have enjoyed the SACD format greatly I hope you do as well.