Down to Epos M12.2 or Dali Ikon 2 ... can't decide

I got the chance to listen to both of these speakers but not side by side. The Dali had a terrific top end extension but I'm not sure if the imaging was as precise as the epos. Bass extension is not a concern because I have a sub, so I'm most interested in soundstage and imaging. I'll be using a Primaluna Prologue 1 integrated tube amp (35 watts).

Anyone have opinions ... I can't decide!!!
inall honestly, expand your shopping to wharfedale, quad, mordaunt short, and b&w in about the same price range.
Save some $$$ and get a used Epos M12 or ES-11. New speakers have rising response curve and are bright/harsh IMHO.
Aerial, Vienna Acoustics, Monitor Audio Bronze, and Aegis are others that come to mind.
Thanks, I just checked out some Quad which I liked a lot. I also heard the Paradigm signature 2s but they're really stretching my budget. I didn't care for the B&Ws except for the current 805s (again out of my budget). Can't find any Warfdale locally so I guess I'm down to those speakers.