still cant decide on an amp

the speakers are paradigm studio 100's and studio surrounds
amps i have in mind

fronts: ati av3002, empotiva xpa 1 (overkill?), parasound A21
center + surrounds: ati av2005, emotiva xpa 5

anyone know how these would work with my speakers? i've heard the ati 2002 with b&w speakers and it sounded good, but i cant find anywhere to hear the emotiva or parasound. any other recomendations? i'm trying to keep it under $3000 and dont mind buying used.
The Enotivas will work VERY wll with those Paradigms and they are a *fantastic* value for the money. Plus, Emotiva will give you 30 days to evaluate in-home. I say go for it, I'm betting that you will never make use of their generous return policy...