Does you wife touch your system?

I am quite surprised how my wife is becoming an audiophile little by little. Until not that long she was happy with computer desktop crappy speakers and now every time I get nice stereo is sounding to the point that she enjoys it more than me!!!!

I wonder if this new situation will make my next purchase justifiable...:)
She didn't when i was married, had me work it

My 19 yr old son works my home theatre system and occasionally cds on my main rig but only if i am there. He has an ipod all in one doc in his bedroom. He uses that a lot

He constantly is watching movies and concerts on the ht

If i started dating again I would want a Tom boy who would be interested in Music and playing the system, might have to stop at the vinyl
My wife takes the trash out. Grill is 75/25
Audiotomb, I came across a good sounding ipod speakers - perhaps your son might be into it. I want one for barbecue and the beaches. Amazon has good prices on them, as well as the ebay.
Jmcgrogan2 wrote;

"She only touches it if she's dusting"

I hope Jmcgrogan2 doesn't have a turntable.
I've read about many cartridge stylus' get destroyed while being dusted by others.
Cool thread guys!

My wife certainly know how to operate my system, and while my system was
in our living room she used it all the time for tv watching mostly!!! She was
using a REL Stentor 3 and a 10K class A integrated for news, series and
National Geographic...

Now that my system was moved to my new dedicated music room, she has
asked me (i.e. demanded) to buy a decent pair of speakers and an amplifier
for the TV. I recently bought for her a pair of Dynaudio Audience speakers. I
am still looking for a decent amp.

I am surprised that, so far, I am the only one reporting this situation. Women,
like everyone else, get quickly used with the good stuff.