Does you wife touch your system?

I am quite surprised how my wife is becoming an audiophile little by little. Until not that long she was happy with computer desktop crappy speakers and now every time I get nice stereo is sounding to the point that she enjoys it more than me!!!!

I wonder if this new situation will make my next purchase justifiable...:)
My wife never touches my system; (well maybe once or twice a year). She basically ignores it although the other day she said, "something new?" I said, "no it was in the shop" She suprised me by complimenting the looks of it (a Joule preamp). But my wife is not a music lover like me; she's a music "liker" and would never try to figure out how to play my system. Music for her is only a car-radio-kind-of- pleasure.
No, she's afraid of it !!!!!!
I would'nt be married to her if she did'nt touch my system. Oh wait, did you mean stereo...?
Just bought a Wadia i170 transport on my wife and daughters request so they can use their I devices in the BIG Rig

As Always Good Listening,

Winoguy17 you stole my response, too funny
I have a 3 meter usb to my Notebook, she picks up the notebook and moves it to vacuum, other than that, no.
digital OK, but not analogue.
Are you crazy? She wouldn't even know how to turn it on.
only to turn it off. She knows how to turn off the amps but thinks she's turning off the preamp by flipping the HT bypass toggle switch
No. I think she's intimidated by all the tubes. But the funny thing is, functionally it's really pretty simple. A selector, a volume knob, and a CD player. That shouldn't be an issue, but she stays clear.
Never. That's why we also have Sonos.
I am single and live alone, so i don't have any of this problems,I guess we all have different pro and cons in life,
I enjoy to be alone and quite listen to an LP anytime I want with no interruptions. Just me.
I opted for the system and stayed single. Turns out happiness is a bonus for my selection:)
To quote a movie line "WAF!! we don't need stinking WAF!!"
my wife has no interest in it. It's a good thing too, because if she tried she would quickly become frustrated and irate, and blame me for how hard it is to make it work. Also, I would be hovering over her every move and become irate when she doesn't do it exactly right.

you see, both of us are a little tightly wound . . .
Main system,no. HT/secondary 2-channel system, yes.
Yes - she is good with gears (better than me on computers and cameras), but sadly, music never stirs the soul to bring tears to her eyes...

Infact, she thinks I am a little insane for all the repeated hifi purchases.

She mostly turns down the volume, when hifi gods and Mozart is about to grant me a sublime experience...
My wife was an LP Disc Jockey back in the day then became a Promotions Director. While she doesn't use those old school turntable back cueing methods she very good at muting and general LP care.

She also came with a substantial LP collection including a great deal of promotional copy and original British and German versions.

Inclusion makes system upgrades a non issue.
My wife uses my system as she had her own in college way back when. It helps me out. She doesn't freak out when I spend good money on a cable. Instead she listens and enjoys. Shes also responsible for turning me onto half the music I love. She told me last weekend I could buy an Ayre AX7e if I hang another towel bar in the bathroom. Clearly a non toucher would never throw something like that out there.
Well, yes and no. Up until I caught her using a pair of pliers on the plastic covered binding posts on my newly rebuilt Son Of Ampzilla, she felt quite competent. Since then, she just dusts.
Just the volume control......... counter clockwise only
Theo, i made the same choice with no regrets, life is too short anyway...
Only the bedroom and family system on rare occasion. The primary system in the basement never never. Have tried to show her how to work all the systems as that would lead to her enjoyment and safer for the gear. Surprisingly my college age kids not only don't touch it, but seem to have no interest in using them at all. Content to use their ipods, phones and computers. I hope they grow into hi end audio or they can bury me surrounded my gear :]
She touches everything...and I enjoy it!
I made a set of instructions she must follow in order to turn the system on, play CD's, then to turn it back off properly. She used to play CD's, but hasn't played it in close to a year now. She's content with the music channels on the boob tube while she does her various hobbies.
All the time.
No, she does not even know how to turn it on and has no interest in learning. She just enjoys the music.
Touch? no,no nooooooooooo...BUT...I put together her own system in her sewing/project room.Some older Clements floorstanders,a Nakamichi cd player and some rugged Sony jet trash integrated left over from an estate sale buy.She has the run of the cd's and will grab just about anything.Nice to walk in and hear her playing Sonny Rollins,Tubby Hayes,Art Pepper,Louis,Bix,Prez,Bird or Billie Holiday.I have to say sometimes she is playing better music than i am.The sun is shining,the music is flowing and the sewing is groovin' high.
Of course. She uses both the turntable and PC music server all the time, including both the main system and the whole house system. She is also instrumental in selecting new equipment. Without her involvement I could not justify spending as much as I have on my systems. The big thing is whether a spouse really enjoys the music. If so, they should learn to use the system. If not, they will probably ignore it.
Yes, but plays CDs only.
Every day and twice on Sunday
I need a 'wife'. Someone to sooth my soul, cook, clean, wash stuff, look good, make me feel good.
Where can I buy this 'wife' device?
Elizabeth, are you saying wives are supposed to have those skills? Wow, I was told my wife is a wife, but if those are the requirements, I was really lied to!
Nobody touches my turntable!
No, it is all too much at this stage...but she lends me her ears to keep the music real! I married her in the '70s for her Frazer "Black Box 1"s, Elac tt, SCA-35, and FM3 which she could operate :-)
Elizabeth, doesn't your hubby do some of those stuff for you?

At least your hifi will sooth your soul, look good, and make you feel good...
There are wives a'plenty for sale out there, Liz. Cost a lot more than your stereo though.

Mt10425, you're really missin out!
Not only does my wife never go near my man cave basement system, she doesn't even like music. Any music. It's a mixed marriage.
unfortunately only the volume as in down...... :-(
Do you ever think about using your wife's two hundred pair of shoes?
Csontos-no, not really. The level of intelligence and common sense (these are mutually exclusive), along with being a great mom with terrific communication & computer technology abilities are way more important than those generic spousal skills listed by Elizabeth. I'm a very fortunate audio husband willing/able to share my audio/music experiences with my wife.
Over 25 years ago my wife destroyed an ARC SP8 preamp and 2 D115 amps. Back in those days we prayed when we turned ARC equipment on or off and the sequence was very important.
So my wife since then will not touch my (audio) equipment.
I do not care either way. Its only stuff.
Hey Mt10425, willing is one thing, responding is another. Granted, chores get done. By me, the maid, or my wife. But who takes care of the other stuff Liz mentioned? Just ribbin ya. I'm sure she does. However, I think I would value my wife's mutual enthusiasm for audio more than my gear itself. Oh well.
Maid? Wow.
No, no maid. I wish. No, she does! That was just a rhetorical conjecture.
I guess that brings up another question. Does your maid touch your system? 8-)
My wife never touches the system in my listening room. In fact she rarely walks in the room. There are other ways to listen to music in the house which she enjoys.
As for household chores, I do more than she does. But she pays more of the bills so I don't mind.
My wife rarely makes it down to my dedicated music room and doesn't care to learn about how to operate it which just fine with me. I would only let her play CDs if she did. I am however teaching my 14 year daughter to work the gear. She is interested and has been to audio stores with me. She also recently came home with her own purchased vinyl. I was so proud. She said store person said to her "you do know you have to have a record player for these?". She just chucked at him knowing her and daddy have a serious rig at home. It' also nice sometimes to have a flesh and blood remote control.
Only to turn down the volume if she can. .
Sure. She sometimes calls me in to "fix" why there's no sound, but there are times when it takes me 5 minutes to figure it out. Most systems are left permanently on which eliminates the majority of problems.