Does the original Sonus Faber Amati Homage Rock?

I need some advice , I have a chance to buy a set of SF Amati Homage speakers from a store in MICHIGAN for 12k shipped the speakers look fantastic near mint!.  My concern is  all that I have read says that there bass shy , last fall I bought a set of Daedalus Audio Ulysses speakers version two used I over paid don't think the Ulysses speakers came close to my long-term Tyler Acoustic linbrook signature floor standers,  I ended up losing almost 2k on that deal I play mostly Rock music and some Jazz anyone still own these speakers and will they play Rock music well   like Pearl Jam, Alice in chains, the Beatles ect. Any suggestions for me also am I over paying if I buy, thanks for any Help 
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Agree that $12K is too high for that speaker.  $7-$8K sounds about right.  I've not heard them... but a friend had them for a brief time and said the treble was too hot and the listener fatigue was unbearable.  Based on that feedback and my aversion to hot treble, I would stay away.  

Recommend you research threads on speakers best suited for rock music to get some ideas.  

BTW, I had Daedalus Ulysses as well, and found them to be decent after a thorough breaking in process, but prefer my Harbeth M-40.1's by a sizable margin.   
Sonus Faber Amati Homage is good for Jazz and classical not for hard Rock.

Without value judgement, it is not for rock buff.
Some of you obviously have not owned the original Amatis.  They are not bright at all.  If anything, they are a laid back speaker.  The Amatis do sound good with rock music.  Their only real weakness is really deep bass, and the ablility to play at ear bleeding levels.  I personally would take the original Amatis over the newer "non Franco Serblin" designs. I had two pairs of Amatis in the last 5yrs.  Sold one pair for $7500, and another pair for $6500.  Hard to beat in both sound and looks at those prices.
Ok thank you, I  was told by the seller he would make sure I was happy and if not would offer to resell them though his store Wich has a good reputation,  the speakers themselves are like new condition not a blemish anywhere, and this is a upgrade with Silver wire thought so yah I am nervous but I am thinking about purchasing them ,I was told they retailed for 24, 26,000. ,and if I like this set would sell my Tylers so it's hard to say no to that   I will keep you posted and if I don't like them you will know why
One more thing, the seller said would ship to CA, with insurance from MI, at his cost, with original shipping and all original packing that is worth about  $800. I checked it's a gamble wish me luck