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Does the original Sonus Faber Amati Homage Rock?
Im a huge fan of early Sonus Faber speakers.  I had them all.  Since you already bought them, Im not gonna say if it was a good deal or bad deal.  Nothing worse then someone telling you what you dont want to hear.  They are great speakers, and hop... 
Does the original Sonus Faber Amati Homage Rock?
I wish you were around when I sold my two pairs:) if someone modified the speakers, doesnt make them retail for more. 
Does the original Sonus Faber Amati Homage Rock?
Some of you obviously have not owned the original Amatis.  They are not bright at all.  If anything, they are a laid back speaker.  The Amatis do sound good with rock music.  Their only real weakness is really deep bass, and the ablility to play a... 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
I traded for a like new pair of Pendragons a couple of years ago (with all the upgrades it was around $4,000 retail).  You can see my pair on Tektons facebook.  Its the pair with dual 14" woofers, with the owner standing next to them. I got brand ... 
Where to go in Portland...
I have been buying gear from Echo Audio for 20yrs. Great place. Pearl Audio is another one I would check out.  
Had anybody listen to LM3 monster speakers?
Anyone know how much these retail for in the US? 
Discontinued equipment that you wish were still here. What do you miss or think will miss?
Totem Mani-2. One of my favorite monitors of all time.  Was in production for around 20yrs with very little changes. 
Horns: Why don't they image well?
Ask Alon Wolf of Magico why he designed a horn speaker as his flagship speaker? Or Tannoy why their best speaker is a horn speaker.  Ushers flagship is a horn.  Living Voices flagship is a horn too.  I love horns and own one of these pairs.  I thi... 
Are you seeing more 9/10s?
I believe age shouldnt matter.  If its 20yrs old and looks perfect, it should be a 9/10.  I see so many 9/10 ratings now that should be a 7/10 or less.  I always ask the question does it have any scratches or nicks anywhere?  And almost always the... 
Pbn Montana XPS sig speakers
Great sounding speakers, excellent build quality,  and a steal at their used prices.  Your amp should be a perfect match for them.  I think PBN speakers are up there with the best of the best speakers.  For whatever reason they seem to fly under t... 
Best High End Audio Manufacturer???
+1 for PBN audio.  Peter is great to deal with,  is very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I will soon complete my system with all his top level components. 
Any Large Acoustic Suspension Speakers Being Made?
PBN Montana KAS-2, WAS-2, and Master Reference.  Similar to the Dunlavy speakers, but look better, built better, use better parts and drivers, and IMHO sound much better.  All this comes at a cost. 
Recommendations for putting new veneer on speakers
Also, I prefer to have the old veneer stripped off, and not just new veneer put on over the old veneer. 
What do you miss about old school hip hop music and why?
taters, your obviously familiar with some rap 
Is high end audio to snooty for its own good?
Calvinj, just looked it up.  I like it....I wish there was more of it with different artist.  I know a good handful of rappers can play instruments, and you can hear it in some of their songs.  Just wish they would use their talents more.