Does Newly Soldered Cables Require Run-In?

I just got my speaker cables reterminated with banana plugs. Does the solder require run-in, and if yes for how long?

This question arises as I noticed a slight reduction in holographic image with the newly-soldered wires. Thanks.
The dielectric of the cables themselves need to settle back in? I assume you coiled them up for shipping and vice versa shipping back to you.....
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Ditto, but after a couple of weeks if sound is still worse than before you had them reterminated the issue could be poor soldering job or moving to banana plugs from what you had before (spades? bare?). From reading opinions (unreliable) it seems that order of preference for sound quality of speaker wire terminations (best to least): bare, spades, then bananas.
Thanks for all responses. Okay after 2 days of run-in the sound has opened up. Time to listen to some classical tunes now. Cheers.
I just had my Zu Ibis cables changed from bananas to copper spades, as I prefer the larger contact area and pure copper material of spades. What's funny is I had them converted from spades to bananas only 18 months ago! I need to stop changing my speakers!