Does anyone play two pairs of speakers at the same time?

I have found that certain combinations of speaker pairs produce a better sound than the single pair alone. For example: Klipsch Quartets and PSB Image 4T (new tweeters from Vifa) Quartets inside pair and volume matched to PSBs. I have done this over the years and found some great combinations.
On my vintage system I use JBL 166's and JBL 4312A's in tandem. What the 4312A lack (Highs) the 166's have in spades and likewise the Midrange of the 4312 make up for what the 166 is short on.  Its a match made in heaven for 70's Classic Rock. Havent found 1 speaker that has it all.
   you could be losing it. 
  For stacked quads work
 real nice  I've heard them   be careful  a lot of the same model speaker won't work at all
 well   use the MTM set up   good luck   don't waist much time on this 
I run several 2-channel systems and have multiple speakers in two of them that I listen to simultaneously (the speakers, not the systems). My favorite actually has three sets of speakers....ADS L-570s, an ancient pair of Genesis Physics 1s, and a pair of Totem mites. The amp is an Adcom GFA-555ii with a DH-110 preamp. The little Mites are the real secret in this mix, as they are somewhat laid-back/recessed to my ears, while the ADS and Genesis are really in your face comparatively. But the mixture works really well, no matter which two pair are being engaged at the time.
The other system is a B&K 125.2 amp/Cary Audio SL-100 combo, mated with Energy C-2s and a small pair of M&K K-5s that are floor-mounted at the base of the C-2 speaker stands. Both systems also employ powered subs.
I started with one pair of Bose 901, but that was only 18 speakers. So then when the new Bose 901 came out I added a pair of those. 36 speakers! Yet something still was missing. The sound was coming at me from all over but mostly in front and way too similar. Some recordings I could still tell were different from others. So I kept adding speakers. B&W, ML, MBL, JBL, REL, got a good deal on some Klipschorns that filled in the corners real nice, set of Quads left and right side walls, half a dozen Totem bookshelf, was almost there and good thing too starting to run out of wall space! Yet something was missing. Then it hit me- the ceiling! In-walls to the rescue! 

That left only the floor. Which it turns out is mostly wasted space. Only a tiny amount of floor is actually doing anything. So now except for a foot path and enough to support the rack and chair its all speakers. 

Imaging? None! Immersion? TOTAL!

I wish I could could see the humor in your failed attempt to be funny.  Let people who are serious post here, because perhaps they have tried what the OP was suggesting and want to share their experience with others.