Does Anyone Have a Traveling System?

I have a unique job that relocates me(driving my own P/U, towing a 14' Utility Trailer)from to from Texas to Washington State)every 2-6 months.The company I work for houses me in extended stay suites(Marriot,Comfort INN & Suites,Hampton,Red Roof etc...)but they usually only have a 32" Widescreen with no DVD player & no stereo of any kind so I put together an Audio/Video system(based on a 46" Samsung 3D LED tv @42 lbs.) that takes up minimal space,is light enough to move around by myself with little effort,yet offers me truly kick ass home entertainment.
As I sat here marveling at the sound I was hearing from my Asus laptop,feeding a Peachtree Audio Music Box,in turn driving Sennheiser HD598 Headphones,I wondered if anyone else out in A'gon land traveled extensively for a living & how they coped with the need for decent A/V entertainment while away from their home based systems?Take care everyone...
May I recommend:

Smyth Audio Research's Realiser A8 ;)

Use a set of ortho cans like an Audeze LCD2/3 with a modest head amp (tho the LCDs will work with the Realiser's headphone output) and you'll have an awesome surround sound experience to go with it.
That's pretty interesting. But I'm wondering: if you are watching TV by yourself and listening with headphones, why lug around a 46" flat screen TV? You could probably get the same effect watching movies on a good laptop 1 foot away from your eyes. The 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display should out-perform any regular flat screen TV -- and has the added bonus of weighing less than 5 pounds.
I'm with Mateored on this. I use a 14-inch IBM Lenovo laptop with a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones and that works very well for me.

I am supposed to be getting a pair of HiFiMAN HE-400 headphones for review soon, so maybe I'll wind up upgrading to those. They are supposed to be more efficient than the other HiFiMAN cans so they will work well with iPods and laptops as my Sennheisers do.
I have a Tivoli PAL portable radio, I can get almost as lost in Mozart in my motel room as at home with Maggy's.
My travelling system consists of a NuForce UDAC-2, Belkin USB cable and a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones with the improved pads. Good sounding to me and my budget was not killed.
I dont think the immersion factor is the same with a 15" display even if you are seated close by.

But one of these...

That might persuade me :D
Audioengine A2 (self powered), + Audioquest dragonfly, streaming Spotify. Sounds good in a hotel room :-)