Dodson DA-217 MK2-D

Has anybody used a Dodson DAC with Sony 777SACD? How does t sound.
this dac is way better than a levinson360s which it replaced. i use it on a sony 9000es after selling my 39 360s combo. much better in every way on reg cd.
I use it with my SCD-1 and the sound is outstanding.

My 777 is breaking in and will shortly go in to the system with the Dodson, replacing a Levinson transport. I should have a verdict in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.
I've had my 'D v.1' backing up my SCD-1 for a week now. The amps came back from Cary at the same time, so they're settling in as well. I'll check back in a week or two myself. So far it looks really, really neat in my rack and it even sounds nice too boot.

I think mine is pretty well broken in. Sadly, I must say that my early impressions of the Sony as a transport for the Dodson DAC are not all that good (the SACD is another story). The sound tilts toward the big. beefy, overripe side of things. It does not sound right to me compared to the Levinson it replaced. (Nothing else has changed in the system, btw.) But I will not rush to judgment. Will report back again later.