Do WBT spades need break in?

OK - I know I sound like a crazy audiophile.  

I bought new WBT spades to replace my old school banana connects from about 5 years ago.  I just acquired a pair of kef reference 1's and the old bananas fit poorly and were not in line with the quality of the speakers.  I removed the old connects, fit the WBT's and screwed the wire in tight.

They sounds a bit hollow and confused.  Is there such a thing as spade break in?
Using harmonic tech pro11 cables.  Hegel h360 amp.  



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Yes, the spades need break in.  A few years ago I experimented with different types of Cardas spades, and each set changed as it accumulated more hours.  I don't see any reason why WBT would be different.  Give the spades at least 100 hours of playing time before drawing any conclusions.