Do the big Maggies play LOUD

I'm a fan of largish speakers and I like the ability to rock on occasion. I also remember how good my old Maggies did strings and vocals even though they were the smallest entry level model. Just curious is the big ones can compete with dynamic speakers in the volume dept. Considering 3.6's as the 20's are a little outa my range.
My room has vaulted ceilings, is 25' long and around 14' wide.
In general...planer-e/stat types do not play as loud as big cone boxes, which don't play as loud as horns.

I suggest a hybrid for you...lots of them being built, so you have a few choices.....VMPS is one good choice that I've listened to, they will play very loud!

I had used to own Maggies. Loved them, but ran out of room when I moved. If you're a rocker Maggies are NOT the way to go. They'll do an ok job? You want ok, than go for it. I don't know what your price range is, but the Zu Definition 1.5s are a rocker's dream, and they are 101db!! The Definitions, BTW, do jazz, vocal, the whole nine beautifully. You can do their Druids, as well, with their matching Method Sub. Also (I owned these, as well) the PSB Gold Stratus IIs are fabulous. Small footprint, like the Zus, and bass/mids that deliver the goods. warren :)
Had problematic 3.6s for a while and they don't do what I consider "loud".
Hmmm ....... I agree that Maggies are not as loud as cones or horns. I'm a rocker and I run 3.6's and they are suitable to my ears. The key is a lot of clean power. I guess it's all in what your own ears hear! You'll get a lot of variations with this question. I'm running exactly what your question referenced with stellar results!
Apogees will play very loud and very clear but require amplifiers with balls of steel to do so. I personally owned VMPS RM30's and 626 and i am absolutly against recommending them. Horrible built quality and a horrible response. I would recommend any Apogee *depends on budget and amps*, Odeon Horns, Genesis or maybe try Analysis Audio?
I had 1.6 Maggie and used an Innersound ESL amp with 600 watts and the ability to dump lots of current and they played very loud, but you need that much power to do so....
I have used Electrostats from Innersound and have used Maggies but only for surround speakers, I now have VMPS and it seems to offer best of both worlds, they can rock.
I had 3.5r's a while back and although I did like them a lot they just didn't get the levels I wanted, even augmented with subs. Now I'm not your normal human, I want the music to have the live effect. After diddling around for many years I have found my speaker nirvana...Pipedream Reference 18's. These things get it right, and will play ungodly loud if you so desire, without losing the music.


Paul :-)
Based on the above, I think the consensus is "no"

I own a heavily modded pair of Maggie 1.6's driven with about 600 wpc. They play plenty loud, however they don't have the same visceral 'slam' that you get from a dynamic driver. The bass panels load the room differently. Sound pressure is all I could wish for, but if you're hard core heavy metal, I don't think Maggies will be your cup of tea.

I listen to large scale symphonic orchestra pieces and the kettle drums are solid and great. But my daughter likes Rap, and she prefers the Vandersteen 3as in my home theatre.

'Nuff said
It seems to me that asking for speakers to play really LOUD is like asking for a car to do 150 MPH top speed. I agree that 0-60 in 5 or 6 seconds is fun, but how often do you drive 150 MPH? I have a pair of Maggie 3.6s, and I like to listen at loud volumes at times (especially when my wife is out of town 8^) My previous speakers were B&W N803s, and with a Bryston 4BSST powering them, they could get loud, but I don't think that I ever played them louder than I play the Maggies. The room is reasonably large with 12 foot ceilings, and believe me, the 3.6s can go louder than I care to listen.

Rock is not just about loud. Sure the Maggies can play loud, but it's not "loud" that we're talking about. That visceral heart pounding bass, air moving, windows rattling, rocking sound just ain't the same with Maggies as it is with horns and cones. For some, maybe, but they aren't Woodstock'n :)
Okay ......... I guess LOUD is really loud and if it's not loud then it's LOUD. One can get LOUD or loud with a pair of RAT SHACK speakers! I guess I just don't understand LOUD or loud to say the least! hahahahaha