Do I need preamp?

I have a VAF Octavia ("hifi" iPod dock speaker system) and I was wondering if I need a phono preamp to run a Rega RP-1 turntable into it.

I have a set of AR-90s that I'm refurbing and trying to source an amp for, but in the meantime I'd like to use it with this speaker system.
Yes, you'll need a phono preamp.

i looked it up and there are 2 aux inputs so you will need a phono preamp hooked to the unit and your table hooked to it. musical fidelity, cambridge and many others make phono input units that would work great with the rega. many others too are available.
Cool, I suspected that just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
Clearly yes,
If you get an MM or a high output > 2mV Cartridge I highly recommend the Graham Slee Graham Amp 2SE. It is unbelievanly good and affordable. It should not cost you more than $500 new if find a used one obviously much less.
I ended up getting a NAD PP3