Do i need good pc s with PS PP?

I recently bought a PS audio Powerplant. Would it be worth it to buy upgraded pc's to go with this? If so, which component benefits most? I have a Bat vk60, Res cd 50, melos pre, Newform speakers. Please keep it under $200 used.
I think power cords better than the typical OEM stock cords always help. You do not need to spend megabucks. Kind of like the cheap $1.00 interconnects that come with some equipment. They allow you to use the unit right out of the box, but should be replaced to really get the most out of the equipment.
A lot of people on Agon love the $60 Absolute cords. Some of my equipment came with heavy 14 AWG cords and they work pretty good. You can get them at any hardware store. I mostly have Vansevers standard cords.
Well, after the PS PP is supposed to improve the sound of the attached equipment wouldn't you expect PS Audio provides one of their lab cables with the PP?
I'm also looking into getting a PP. What kind of cable do they provide with the PP?
Street- Yes, the cords still matter! PS makes a good cord for the money (their more expensive unit is worth the upgrade), especially from the wall to the PP. The cords to the output side will be system/component dependent, but you will still benefit from the best cords you can afford. Try to audition to be sure in your application. Good luck.
Power cords conduct AC, and that's all they need to do. There's no audio signal going through them, so their job is pretty simple, and so are their requirements. You can buy power cords ranging from $5 to $1000+ each, and they'll do the job equally well if they are the right size and free of defects.
The PS Audio Lab power cord stinks, in my opinion. For the same price a Synergistic Reseach AC Master Coupler or an Electra Glide IntroGlide are better.