Do electrostatic speakers "break down" in time?

I am new to Stats, but wonder if there is a general rule of how long a panel can last if it is not abused, kept from sunlight, smoke, and is cleaned for dust with care on a regular basis?
I know perhaps there may be no answer to this, and no answer can be definitive, but any thoughts would be nice.

for the record I own Innersound Eros MKII speakers
The current panels in my CLS IIZ's have been in use since 1991. Moved once, stored twice, and sound as fresh and accurate as ever.
The panels are darn near indestructable. You can poke holes through something like 1/3 of the panel before affecting the sound (according to the rep).
Kool Bignerd100, Does this mean I will get more air surrounding the instruments?
Please tell me your kidding B.N.
I think I'll skip on poking holes in my Sound-Lab A1s.
Good choice lol
no, no, no. If you poke lots of holes in the panel you are only halfway to audio nirvana. You have to add cable lifters and one of those "beaks" from Totem to your transport. I think that the hole poking test was supposed to calm fearful parents of small children and their tendency to destroy daddy's electronics. You can put your Eros through more punishing treatment than a conventional dynamic driver without having them stop working. Enjoy your existential doughnut.
lol thanks B.N.