Question about electrostatic speaker replacements.

Hello, I recently had a home fire and a pair of my speakers were burned up, total loss. 
They were a fairly rare set of speakers, I'm now finding out, I inherited them from my late uncle.
They weren't extremely high end or anything but I'm not sure how to value the replacement cost on an insurance claim.
The speakers were Sawafuji Electrostatic speakers, model # SFIDIGITAL20.
Would any of you be able too hazard a somewhat educated guess as too a modern equivelent replacement speaker?
They were the only electrostatic speakers I have ever heard so I have nothing too compare them to.
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi gcaudio:
According to HiFi Shark, there were only two ’Sold’ listings, one for $299US (list for $1250?) and one for 30 Yen. Thanks.
Sincerely, Kingsley.